Our Mission

We care, We Change

  • Help the children to develop to their full potential
  • Provide a better and inclusive environment for disabled & autistic children
  • Assist the children to achieve their basic human rights and equal opportunities in all spheres of life
  • Transform them into assets of the nation rather than a burden for society

Mission statement

IPNA wants to create a world where children with developmental disabilities and their parents can get their questions answered and their needs met in a caring environment.

Values Statement


The institute’s staff members operate within a culture of respect for each other, the children and families we serve, and other regional stakeholders. Family input and participation is respected as an integral component of each child’s development.


We use a collaborative multidisciplinary team approach that includes the child, their families and the professionals.


Our core purpose is to improve the lives of the children we serve. Every staff member is responsible for providing the best services possible in their area of expertise.


We are committed to running sustainable programming, ensuring the highest level of services over the long-term.

Outcome areas

Children with Disabilities

Abilities, skills and knowledge in the areas of physical and emotional wellbeing, independence and social acceptance will be our concerned areas

Families and caregivers

Reducing helplessness of the families, increasing their functional abilities and increasing mutual support among families and caregivers will be addressed with care and empathy.

Objectives of our Institute

  • To provide specialist multi disciplinary assessment to identify physical, developmental, psychological and neurological problems of children at an early stage by ‘Paediatric Neurodisability Team’
  • To provide comprehensive and high quality tertiary level services with the child and family by multi disciplinary and multi-agency team for children with complex disabilities.
  • To provide quality training to physicians, therapists, psychologists and other team members on autism and other neurodevelopmental problems of children
  • To provide a ‘School for Children with Autism’ for children with autism- in a healing and autism friendly environment by Autism-Expert teachers and their team.
  • To involve parents in the day-to-day management of ‘physically and mentally delayed children’ and ensure their counseling and training.
  • To promote public awareness related to ‘Children’s disability & Autism’
  • To carry on clinical research in this specialty and spread the acquired knowledge by regular seminar /symposium in national and international levels.
  • To publicize the importance of ‘Early child development (ECD)’ to parents and other care givers and thereby help them to create a safe, secure, stimulating and enabling environment for their children from conception to 5 yrs of age
  • To follow up all the ‘high risk babies’ regarding neurodevelopmental progress and provide intervention where necessary
  • To involve junior doctors and post graduate paediatric students so that they can receive practical experience and utilize this knowledge all over Bangladesh, especially in rural areas.
  • To liaise effectively with all other specialized departments of our university hospital where needed- in children with complex disabilities

Future Plans

  • Decentralizing and disseminating knowledge all over the country starting from capital to rural and remote areas of Bangladesh.
  • Preparing ‘voluntary team’ to spread awareness all over the country
  • Engaging students to get involved in activities of the institute as a part of their learning process
  • Motivating media personalities to create awareness among the general people through songs, films, documentaries, etc.