Play Corner

The ‘Play Corner’ at IPNA was set up in collaboration with the Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH), Bangladesh Shishu Academy and Ministry of Women and Child Affairs; with financial and technical support from UNICEF. It was designed according to UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development project (ECD). The Early Childhood Development (ECD) aims to stimulate physical, cognitive and creative skills and provide emotional comfort for children ages 0 through 6. The Play Center named Khela Ghor contains a wide assortment of play materials that are included in the ECD kit such as colourful circles, colouring pencils, construction blocks, puzzle blocks, swing set, memory games, etc. The play materials and décor were also designed and provided by UNICEF. The children enrolled in the day care center/school at IPNA spend a part of their school hours playing at the center. They are accompanied by the teachers of the day care center/school. The Play Center accommodates play materials to cater to the developmental needs of the children. The play things are tailored to the autistic children’s varying level of development. Children pass their leisure time in educational and recreational activities at the play center while receiving sensory integration and stimulation which is essential for their development.