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Our service starts from the very beginning of stepping into the institute. There is no inequality regarding ethnicity, gender and religion. We value and respect every parent who has any question or concern about development or problems relating to neurological aspect. From this point, our dedicated and devoted associates help children where to go. The children, who have come for the first time, are taken to our ‘Walk-In-Clinic’, the already diagnosed ones to ‘Neurology Follow-Up Clinic’, diagnosed epilepsy children to ‘Epilepsy Clinic’, the ‘High Risk Baby’ to ‘High Risk follow up clinic’. We also have a 'Play corner'- a part of ‘Early child Development programmer’ where normal children can explore and enjoy along with our ‘delayed and differently behaved children’-located just beside reception. We always encourage and welcome parents to accompany their children as we strongly believe that parents are the ones who know their children the best and without their active participation it is impossible to make any changes for these affected children.

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