IPNA School Online

Report on Online class of IPNA School

All Academic activities remain closed due to CORONA Virus Pandemic since mid March 2020. So we started online classes from 30 April, 2020 with the direction of “Director of IPNA.” ‘ZOOM’ apps and ‘CISCO webex were exercised for starting online class. This was no doubt a challenging task for us to conduct a online classes with the ASD children/students. Our teachers are not trained to use the online Apps as well as to use the ICT equipments. But heartiest thanks to our teachers along with others for their keen interest and trying to improve them for conducting sessions staying at home.

We have 44 enrolled students in IPNA Autism School. Out of 44 students there are 9 female and 35 male students. The age group of students is between 3 to 13 years.

It is noted that 16—20 students joined online classes every day. Out of 20 students 4/5 female students were joined online session and rest of them was male. During this session parents also helped their children to perform in the online class. Our class duration was about 10-12p.m (2 hours) 5 days per week.

We prepared a weekly schedule for the online classes. Head Teacher, Instructor,   3 Educational Psychologist, 2 Therapist and Teachers a total of 22 persons were facilitated the program by connecting their own arrangement at their home respectively. Sincere thanks to Dr. Muzharul Mannan (Training Coordinator) for his invaluable support and monitoring and also help us a lot to make the program a success. Otherwise it was not possible to continue our program successfully. . Dr. Mannan Sir and Psychologists also gave advice to the parents to overcome their present problem.

This was our online class schedule(1-12) session:


Date Session Presenter of the day Topics Time duration  Comments
30.04.2020 1 Welcome speech to parents by

Head Teacher


Dr. Muzharul  Mannan (Training coordinator) taught us about online classes


Washes hand regularly


10.00-12.00p.m Our teachers learn how to use Zoom and Cisco webex application and  also learn how to share content
03.05.2020 2 Rozline Afsana-

(Assistant teacher)




Video sharing of STAY at Home 25 minutes
2 Hasiba Nasrin Pushpoo

Autism teacher

Oral Rhymes with hand movement 10 minutes
04.05.2020 3 Mamtaz  Begum-Instructor



Display calendar, Rhymes, Art & Craft 30 minutes




3 Rima Das-Assistant teacher Physical exercise, tell oral Rhymes


20 minutes
05.05.2020 4 Shoma Rani Nandi

Autism Teacher

Display  Day card activity, Physical exercise, Cognitive skill, Rhymes video 25 minutes
4 Faruk Hossain

Assistant Teacher

Greetings, Showed video of washing hand & its importance 10 minutes
4 Monira Akhter -Instructor Displays picture card, Rhymes of different physical activities, Video of Fine motor activities 30 minutes


5 Sayeda Ali Shoma

Head Teacher

Basic Strategies     for communication

How to communicate with nonverbal ASD child

30 minutes
5 Shohelia Afrus

Autism Teacher

Good morning session, Physical exercise 15 minutes
5 Sharifa Khatun

Autism Teacher


Cognitive skill- Object Matching, Labelling 20 minutes
5 Abu Sufian

Developmental Therapist

Sensory Therapy 20 minutes
10.05.2020 6 Ayesha Sultana

Autism Teacher


Displays Calender, Rhymes,Sorting objects,

25 minutes
6 Shahinoor  Sultana

Autism Teacher

Identify Numbers, activities of motor skills, Art &craft 25 minutes
6 Sadia Afreen

Educational Psychologist

Teach parents  ‘how to make routine for their child.’ 25 minutes
6 Fouzia Emi

Development therapist

Describe  pre-verbal skills 25 minutes
11.05.2020 7 Omar Faruk Samrat

Assistant Teacher


Art  with color fold paper& make a fan

20 minutes
7 Sajani akhter


Describe Positive Feelings of a parent 25 minutes
7 Romana ria
12.05.2020 8 Tanmi Akter

Educational Psychologist

Disscussion with parents 20 minutes
8 Rashida Akter

Assistant Teacher

Display calendar,

Physical exercise, Labelling of objects

20 minutes
8 Farhana Sultana Due to net problem she could not attended online class
13.05.2020 9 Mamtaz Begum


Disscuss about Tree 25 minutes
9 Basanti Mondal


Morning Session , physical exercise 20 minutes
9 Mir Ayesha

Educational Psychologist

Muscle relaxation therapy of young children 30 minutes
14.05.2020 10 Feedback Session Parents expressed their opinion and comments. Parents raised their child’s present problem & senior teachers, psychologists were given many interventions.



11 Shoma rani Nandi

Autism Teacher

Imitation , Motorskills,

Prepositional concept

25 minutes
11 Faruk hossain Displays Calender, physical exercise, Rhymes 20minutes
11 Ubaydullah Pathan Physical therapy for the children with ASD 25 minutes
18.05.2020 12 Shahinoor Sultana Physical exercise, Rhymes , Identifying number with real objects 25 minutes
12 Monira Akter Basic Rules for working with ASD child (power Point presentation) 30  minutes
12 Prosenjeet Acharjee Development of Social, Cognitive & Motor skills 30 minutes
19.05.2020 13 Ayesha Sultana Calendar time,
Physical exercise with video,
Verbal non verbal ASD children
25 minutes
13 Shayla Karim Wash hand with picture card,
Forward and Backward chaining,
Fruit’s song,
Flower painting with spoon
30 minutes
13 Sayeda Ali Shoma Disruptive behavior (Video),
Picture Exchange Communication System – Phase 1 with video,
Vegetables’ song
30 minutes

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Session -23

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